Vastu for Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where a person spends most of his time. He rests there and rejuvenates.

  • The bedroom in any house is auspicious from the south to the west direction. The bedroom of the landlord of the house should be in a southwest angle. It should never be the northeast angle.
  • Bedrooms of married children should be in west & south directions. Unmarried children can sleep in north, east & northeast angle rooms.
  • Bedroom of girls & guests should be in northwest angle. This should never be in southwest angle.
  • Northeast angle of the bedroom should also be not cut as is the case with the house. This leaves many times the couple without children.
  • The bedroom shouldn’t have more than one door, as this facilitates moving positive energy out of the same. Windows can be more than one.
  • It is inauspicious to keep the bed below beam or loft, as this causes mental stress. An overhead water tank above the bedroom is inauspicious as well.
  • The size of bed also affects- short bed causes diseases, longer causes grief & appropriate size bed brings happiness.
  • If there is space beneath the bed, then it should be used to keep bedrolls or seasonal clothing only. It should never be used to stuff unused items. Scrap inside the bed causes disputes on those sleeping on the bed.
  • The bed should be positioned in such a way that it can be used from both sides; it should never be kept along a wall.
  • It is inauspicious to sleep with legs towards the door of the room; hence the bed should never be kept in front of the door. It should be kept in such a way that the person sleeping could view the door.
  • It is not advised to keep a mirror in the bedroom, especially in the roof. If a dressing table is to be kept then it should be on either side.
  • Almirah to keep clothes and jewelry should be kept along south-west walls. Thus almirah opening in north-east directions helps increase in wealth. No useless things should be kept inside the almirah, as they increase negative energy.
  • Bedroom should be painted with peaceful colors for sound sleep. Pillows should not be excessively decorated because it accumulates energy, which disturbs sleep.
  • There shouldn’t be any plants in planters as the carbon dioxide gas released from the plants in night affects health. We spend time in bedroom hence it should be open and airy.

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